Exceptional research is the foundation of every company we launch. Our drug development and operational capabilities allow us to translate these early discoveries into new treatment options for patients at an accelerated pace.

Our Focus

Orange Grove Bio focuses on geographies outside prime venture capital hubs, including the Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic. Sourcing throughout these regions aids in accelerating drug development of valuable therapeutics that receive billions of dollars in annual NIH funding, which are more distant from traditional venture capital regions.

Our Approach

Orange Grove Bio’s rigorous diligence process involves identifying a therapeutic interest, deep analysis of the therapeutic efficacy, aspects of potential clinical design, possible toxicity concerns, and competitive diligence. Our internal diligence team is comprised of PhDs with experience in our direct focus areas and venture partners with extensive experience vetting and operating early-stage pharmaceutical assets. In addition, we leverage our strong relationships with partner universities and retain regular communication with the Principal Investigator and their team.

Operational Approach

Orange Grove Bio provides both scientific and financial support for new entities which hold the licensed intellectual property.