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January 25, 2020

Orange Grove Bio: Filling the Gap in Preclinical Drug Development

Orange Grove Bio is a preclinical drug development company focused on driving down the cost of drug development…

Orange Grove Bio, a preclinical drug investment and development firm, and the University of Pittsburgh today announced the establishment of a collaboration

Orange Grove Bio is a preclinical drug development company focused on driving down the cost of drug development and taking advantage of the exceptional science developed at universities across the country.

Preclinical biopharma today represents one of the best opportunities in life sciences today. Scientific advances and market shifts have reduced risks and improved returns in pre-clinical trials and technological advances, including high throughput screening, crystalline structure optimization tools, and the potential of AI platforms to reduce costs and risks. From a big picture perspective, the public markets have recognized the appeal of earlier stage assets and large pharma, which struggled with inefficient in-house development, has shifted to acquiring early-clinical assets.

OGB is partnered with leading universities to develop transformational medicines, primarily in oncology and rare diseases, to the value inflection point at the start of clinical trials. Orange Grove Bio and its university partners have streamlined the licensing process and share pro-active outreach to leading academic researchers to identify the best opportunities to bring medicines to market.

One of Orange Grove Bio’s compelling advantages is its internal development team. Rather than recruit a separate team for each drug candidate, a small group of proven scientists and executives manage all of Orange Grove’s assets. The quality of talent is higher than any one asset could attract on its own. Clear incentives to follow the data improve decision quality. Costs are materially lower. Speed to market is faster, which boosts time in-market on-patent. Better economics lead to more transformational therapies.

“We have the in-house expertise to lead development or complement entrepreneurs. Throughout the process, we optimize an exit strategy for each program based on whether it is a private round, an IPO, or structured sale to large pharma. Ultimately, we have the flexibility to hold for the long term and the discipline to manage portfolio exposure at early clinical milestones,” said CEO & Co-Founder Marc Appel.

“One of the key points of differentiation for our firm is the fact that we look for great science outside of the hubs of Boston and San Francisco. We seek out leading universities and research scientists with exceptional potential that may be overlooked simply because of their geographic location. Our mission is to develop these discoveries into transformational medicines that change patients’ lives,” said Chairman and Co-Founder Doug Kaden. Pre-clinical development requires a lot of work, but a relatively small amount of money compared to the basic research that precedes it or the clinical trials that follow. The success rates are higher than any other phase. This relatively high success rates, relatively low investment per asset, the benefits of diversification and the value-inflection-point at the start of clinical trials are the ingredients for an outstanding investment return profile – in support of a mission all can feel good about.

Orange Grove Bio is designed to fulfill today’s unmet needs by focusing on the right opportunities for the next five years, working with the best possible university partners, and employing the right mindset to drive success. For information, email

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