Our flexible model allows us to source technology through investments in technology coming out of universities as well as through free-standing biotech companies. We work with leading venture capital investors to build syndicates around the companies in our portfolio and we partner with research foundations to complement their non-profit research dollars with for-profit dollars that can fund drug discovery.

Our model invites researchers to tailor their level of engagement, recognizing that some academics want to be more involved in the business development of their programs, while others would prefer to look for new discoveries in their labs. We also have a variety of levels of engagement with earlier stage biotech companies in which we invest.

The team is motivated by a desire to bring new drugs to market to help patients. Our mission is to uncover “the diamond in the rough” by looking for innovative therapies in markets where others are not looking. Although we are a for-profit entity, we believe strongly that we will succeed by doing good, i.e., by finding the best treatments possible to cure disease.