Owen Hughes
Venture Partner

Dr. Hughes’ career has focused on innovative drug, technology and business model development aimed at revolutionizing health care. Dr. Hughes founded, built, and sold startups delivering paradigm changing technologies including biomedical materials sterilization via a frequency specific microwave irradiation, site-specific DNA recombination mechanisms for targeted genomic manipulation, and kinetic engineering of the hybridization process for diagnostic and microarray technologies.  Dr. Hughes then became a venture, later managing partner of Intellectual Capital llc – a Portland, OR venture fund.  In 2000, Dr. Hughes founded Eon Research as a venture backed incubator for new technologies spinning out of the University of California. Through Eon, Dr. Hughes led a series of technology development start ups, growing them from bench to market and ensuring their achievement of technical, business, and financial development goals.

Dr. Hughes received his PhD from the University of California, San Francisco, and his B.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology – and left MIT’s Sloan School of Management to lead his first start-up.