Glenn Smits
VP Non-Clinical Safety & Toxicology

Glenn J Smits, PhD is the VP of Drug Safety and Toxicology at Orange Grove Bio. He began his career in the drug industry over 35 years ago, starting as a ‘bench scientist’ and advancing into senior

management roles. His background is in Pharmacology and Toxicology, from establishing novel in vivo

and in vitro models of disease for use in drug discovery to managing the advancement of test articles

through preclinical and nonclinical development pathways. His career began with biopharm innovator

companies, such as Abbott Laboratories, Searle R&D, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Central Research, Biogen, and Genome Therapeutics, where he contributed to multiple Investigational New Drug applications, mostly for cardiovascular, renal, metabolic disease, ischemia/reperfusion injury and fibrosis targets. Following time spent at these innovator companies, Glenn transitioned into the Contract Research Organization industry. These experiences including leading scientific programs focused on advanced surgical models in large animals and GLP-compliant safety assessment of medical devices and combination products at Charles River Labs, leading the Discovery Division at MPI Research as VP and General Manager, and was most recently SVP of Discovery and Early Development with vivoPharm, a small CRO focused on advanced oncology and immuno-oncology models, along with GLP-compliant drug safety and analytical chemistry services for biopharma clients at their laboratories located in Australia.

With his varied background, Glenn is experienced in multiple therapeutic areas, multiple modalities of

treatment, ranging from small molecules through to peptides, proteins, oligos, and cell and virus-based therapies, as well as medical devices and combination products. He obtained his BS in Biology from Marquette University, a Master of Science degree in Physiology from

the Medical College of Wisconsin, and a PhD in Pharmacology from St. Louis University.