Bill Han, PhD, JD
VP & Head of Intellectual Property

William (Bill) Han is VP & Head of Intellectual Property at Orange Grove Bio. He is a registered US patent attorney. Bill provides patent strategy consultation to Orange Grove Bio Team.

Bill has over 30 years of patent experience at BMS and GSK combined.

Bill started as a medicinal chemist at BMS, then switched career while at BMS to become a patent attorney.  Bill authored many papers in notable scientific journals, and he himself is an inventor of over 10 issued US patents.

At GSK, he led a team of US biopharmaceutical patent attorneys for many years. His technical and subject matter patent expertise span many fields, such as small synthetic molecules, oligonucleotide therapeutics, cell gene therapy, protein therapeutics (in particular antibodies and biosimilars), medical diagnostics, to name a few.

Bill has Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Yale University, and law degree from University of Connecticut.