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Who We Are

Orange Grove Bio (“OGB”) is a preclinical drug investment and development platform focused on driving down the cost of drug discovery and advancing therapies into clinical trials.

We are partnered with leading universities to license transformational medicines. Orange Grove Bio and its university partners streamline the licensing process to speed up the development process to get drugs to market faster and to save time on-patent.

Orange Grove also sources programs through investment in preclinical stage biotech companies. Orange Grove Bio's experienced development team works with these companies to more efficiently advance programs into the clinic and hit additional value-inflection points.

We have a particular interest in oncology, inflammatory, and autoimmune disease treatments, and work across all different therapeutic modalities.


Regardless of the approach, our mission is to work to bring forward more treatments to treat patients and cure disease.

Focused on Pre-Clinical

Preclinical development is one of the most attractive areas for healthcare investing today. This is driven by scientific advances and by changes in market dynamics.

High-throughput screening allows for large numbers of compounds to be tested rapidly, something that was not feasible previously. Additionally, some of the newer tools for analyzing crystalline structure of molecules have meaningfully enhanced researchers’ ability to optimize molecules.

The fact that most large pharma and biotech companies today want to acquire “clinic” ready assets has made preclinical development far more attractive to venture investors because there is a natural path to exit. Additionally, the IPO window has moved earlier, so it is much easier to take late preclinical/early clinical stage companies public. Many large VCs are also very eager to invest in those later stage assets. These changes in the market allow preclinical stage investors to have numerous options for the programs in which they invest.

Investment Capabilities

Orange Grove Bio has a unique investment capability. Rather than focusing on opportunities in the biotech hubs of Boston and San Francisco, Orange Grove Bio builds close relationships with leading research universities across the country. By leveraging these relationships and putting investment team members on the ground in key markets, we are able to be a partner of choice for tech transfer offices and for top researchers.

In addition to working with leading researchers at universities, we also work with preclinical stage companies. When making such investments, we look to deploy our experienced development team to assist in the operations of those companies so that the science gets developed as efficiently and rapidly as possible into the clinic.




Development Platform

We are unique in that we have both an investment team and an R&D and operations team. Rather than recruit new teams for each drug candidate that we license from universities, a small group of proven scientists and executives manages all such Orange Grove Bio programs.


These individuals also collaborate with portfolio companies in which we invest to ensure that preclinical development is managed efficiently at those entities.

Patient-Centric Mission

Our flexible model allows us to source technology through investments in technology coming out of universities as well as through free-standing biotech companies. We work with leading venture capital investors to build syndicates around the companies in our portfolio. We additionally partner with research foundations to complement their non-profit research dollars with for-profit dollars that can fund drug discovery.

Our model invites researchers to tailor their level of engagement, recognizing that some academics want to be more involved in the business development of their programs, while others would prefer to look for new discoveries in their labs. We also have a variety of levels of engagement with earlier stage biotech companies in which we invest.

The team is motivated by a desire to bring new drugs to market to help patients. Our mission is to uncover “the diamond in the rough” by looking for innovative therapies in markets where others are not looking. Although we are a for-profit entity, we believe strongly that we will succeed by doing good, i.e., by finding the best treatments possible to cure disease.